Our Stories

Kristen first greeted the world with a lusty yell in the middle of a South Carolina hurricane in the last few months of the roaring 70's. Her mother always said that she was born 40 years old, and got younger from there. (This was even before The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!) She spent years 40-29 bouncing around the East Coast with her itinerant family. When not driving her younger sister to insanity, she kicked around soccer balls, played the piano, sang in choirs, and read lots and lots of books. Moving to California right before junior high was a bit of an adjustment, but the whole blonde-and-blue- eyed thing helped her to blend in; these were the years of volleyball, student council, French, basketball, and awkward social hierarchies. Hillsdale College was an unlikely choice for her undergraduate years, but the plucky can-do spirit of the California Kid sustained her through four Michigan winters, two majors (and one major car accident), the Honours Programme, and a senior thesis in philosophy. Her arrival in San Diego for graduate school in philosophy was an act of God (literally), and she has happily called America's Finest City her home ever since.

David graced the world with his presence at the beginning of the decade that brought us Cyndi Lauper, crimped hair, the color chartreuse as a legitimate fashion choice, and KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). He was born in the suburbs of Kansas City and raised there most of his childhood with a brief escape to middle-of-nowhere Ohio. He had a well-rounded childhood complete with soccer, piano lessons, and one of his favorite pastimes: playing "tag along" with his older brother Ryan. His parents weren't quite sure what to do with him when he started speaking in 1's and 0's, but eventually decided that a 2nd computer at home wouldn't be such a bad idea so that they could actually use one now and then. The high school years introduced Dave to cross country running, taking over as sole owner/operator of the lawn mowing business he and his brother had started, and his first "real world" working experience in the Tech Support department at a local Internet service provider. He continued the game of "tag along" with the decision to attend Arizona State University, and to no one's surprise, he majored in Computer Science Engineering. Four years later, not quite ready to enter the real world, he decided to pursue a 1 year Masters degree in Information Management at ASU's business college. After the taste of the business college, David jumped at the job opening at Boeing in Mesa AZ where he currently works as a Software Engineer on the Apache helicopter.

They first met on July 4, 2008, while watching fireworks over La Jolla Cove the night before Andrew Beck's wedding. (Andy was a college roommate of Dave's, and a philosophy colleague & fellow church-goer of Kristen's.) Dave's version is that he just felt like sitting down next to Kristen, without any particular reason why; Kristen's version is that she was a little weirded out by the bald guy, but wasn't bothered enough to change locations. After being thrown together in awkward social situations for a whole weekend, they eventually figured out that they might want to keep in touch. After a week of multiple emails, Internet chats, & obscenely long phone calls, they decided that something was afoot. Kristen's surprise visit to Tempe at the end of July confirmed their mutual suspicions, and both eventually passed muster with the parents. (Hint: mowing the lawn is a quick way to get in good with future in- laws.) They were engaged on January 17, 2009, at sunset on the peak of South Mountain, in Phoenix, Arizona.