David's Photo Albums

Below you'll find many photos from my lifetime, and even some from before my life. These are all scans from family photo albums, organized by album because I had no better way to organize them. Sorry, there's far far too many photos for me to go thru and write descriptions for each photo, I attempted to summarize each album grouping. You'll just have ot ask me what's going on in the pictures if you're curious! Oh, and the same legal stuff from the previous Photos page applies to these too.

Album 01 - Back in the days before my parent's wedding.

Album 02 - Wedding bells have sounded, and now it's the first house.

Album 03 - 1976-1978 - Still before my time, but my bro has popped out, and eldest cousin too.

Album 04 - 1979-1981 - Look out, here I come...

Album 05 - 1981-1983 - Vacations, family, more cousins have entered life, lots of time with the grandparents, gotta love that farm.

Album 06 - 1984-1985 - Colorado, more time at the farm, Christmas programs, sledding!...

Album 07 - 1985 - My parents left on a trip without us! But they took us to the petting zoo

Album 08a - 1985-1987 - Another trip to Colorado, oh, and someone predicted my first vehicle on that Birthday cake

Album 08b - 1987 - Off my parents go again, California style

Album 09a - 1987-1988 - The last days in Kansas before moving away.

Album 09b - 1988-1989 - And on to Ohio.. Niagra Falls, Max from Italy, ah, what pretty leaves, meanwhile, Aunt & Uncle and gang move to Michigan.

Album 10 - 1989 - Mom goes to Italy, I have golf lessons, Mmmm...chocolate, my dad goes crazy, brother breaks his nose, try to put on a puppet play with cousins.

Album 11 - 1989-1991 - The last days in Ohio before back, stopping at the arch along the way, Flying on the "honey I shrunk the kids" bee.

Album 12 - 1991-1993 - Colorado...yup, again. Step-Grandfather dies, basketball is life brother moves on to High School, Grandma quits working.

Album 13 - 1993 - Hawaii!! Aunt, Uncle, counsins in North Carolina, Bro does cross-country.

Album 14a - 1993-1994 - Christmas '93, basketball, Hawaii round 2!! Confirmation & 8th grade Graduation, North Carolina trip to see Aunt, Uncle & Cuz's.

Album 14b - 1994-1996 - David starts High School, Runs Cross Country, Christmas '94, Trip to Florida. Trip to California, High school continues, more Cross Country, Christmas '95, and Ryan's senior year basketball goes to State.

Album 15 - 1996 - You guessed it, more Cross Country, Spring Break Carribean Cruise, Ryan Graduates HS, Trip to Italy, More CC, Oct 22nd snow storm, Thanksgiving and Christmas '96, Rosie.

Album 16 - 1997-1998 - Spring Break to Rocky Point, Canyon & Sedona; Branson with Italian relatives, Cement pouring, Fiesta Bowl, Diepenbrock Family Gathering.

Album 17 - 1998 - High School Graduation (note the orange tassle - a sign?), off to college I go, Grandparents houes gets new siding

Album 18 - 1998-2000 - Christmas '98, My first apartment, Grandparents celebrate 50 years, Christmas '99, Ryan graduates college, I go back for another year with a full car.

Album 19 - 2000-2002 - Christmas '00, K-State vs. USC, Christmas '01, I attempt to persuade my cousins with ASU T-shirts, David Graduates College!

Misc. 01 - Great Grandma, Grandparents Weddings, Bro & myself.