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2015.03.05 @ 19:38:24 Reasons this week in florida has been awesome.

Spring break came early this year, and we took off for Fort Myers Beach, FL. Here's some loosely related thoughts about the trip which is starting to wind down just a bit.

  • Awesome neighbors. They came out the first night in the rain to help us find the lockbox with keys. They've been super friendly Adam has enjoyed talking with them a lot, and they've had a smile on their faces the whole time.
  • Perfect weather. 80's every day, only rain was upon arrival and just a bit the first night.
  • Perfect location -- walk-able to shops and restaurants, but quiet and away from the rowdy spring break crowd. We had no idea what to expect and basically just got lucky!
  • House on the beach. We were looking to save money, but not finding anything we liked for the price range we sprung for the house on the gulf-side of the island.
  • Sunsets every night.
  • Dolphins playing in the water right in front of our house, very close to the shore.
  • Haircuts for everyone (although I do my own).
  • Adam playing by "himself" with his Planes vehicles, memory game, go-fish, or some combination.
  • Gas grill, tasty food we can make ourselves. Tonight was feta burgers, and they were super yum. I wish my hamburgers were always so good! Maybe the ocean view was inspiring.
  • Running on the beach in the morning.
  • Adam didn't so much like riding the jet ski, maybe next year? But he was glad he tried.
  • Full moon means walking on the beach at night is easy.
  • Watching the pirate ship go by every day.
  • Plenty of sunshine, and plenty of sunscreen.
  • A John Grisham book that I hadn't read yet.